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     I’m no expert in Homeschooling but I would like to share a little bit of what I have learned in our first year.  I’m currently homeschooling a kindergartener. My reasons for homeschooling are based solely on the fact that we felt that our 5 year old just wasn’t ready for a public school atmosphere. I hope to be able to homeschool her for most of her elementary life but we will see how everything turns out. Our daughter is a very quirky, active, and a friendly person. We aren’t ready for the light to burn out when real life kicks in. My husband and I are both public school graduates and I know for a fact that if I was given a chance I would have preferred being homeschooled over public school any day.
    The first set of advice I have for anyone that is considering homeschooling would be to join a local facebook group if you can. A local group will offer a lot of helpful information. My local homeschool group also allows sales of items no longer being used by other homeschool families. I have even witnessed a family sell a car to a homeschooled teen. They provide information on extra-curricular classes and group homeschooling events. You may even find discounted days and items for your homeschooler/s.
Here are a few links that I prefer; (credit link)
     Time4learning is our go to learning website. This site has soo many attributes. If you are the type of person that likes organization, this is right up your alley. It allows you to keep an eye on what your little one is doing and how well they are accomplishing goals. You can use the Manage Students tool to assign a specific amount of time to each student in either their lesson or in the game room.  You can adjust their grade level if they are advancing or lower it if the school work is too challenging. You can also create a personalized lesson plan. Not everything is digital either. They also have worksheets that can be printed out for some of the lessons. Children can visit the game room and sing along to songs, play educational games or just play recreational games like Pac-man.
     The thing that keeps us coming back is that she is actually learning a lot. My kindergartener is doing the course work on the first-grade level and reading chapter books all by herself. Although it may also help that I am heavily involved in her education. Time4learning has a monthly fee of $19.95 for PreK-8th and $14.95 per month for each additional student. There is a fee of $30.00 a month for high school students which includes 4 courses.


     TeachersPayTeachers is a website that is dedicated to educators. This site provides you with plenty of workbooks and worksheets for multiple subjects and holidays. All of the printable workbooks and worksheets are created by other educators. Many times you can find free worksheets or workbooks. You may find that you prefer one creator over another. You will be able to create a profile where you can “follow” your favorites and receive an email when they create new content. Many creators also have sales during certain times of the year.
     We used the site a lot during Noa’s preschool days. We now mainly use one workbook for daily handwriting practice. If you are the kind of person that believes hands-on work is better for your homeschool. is an excellent site to help your little one learn while being thoroughly entertained. This website provides you with digital lessons, workbooks, and worksheets. You can have your child follow lessons for their specific grade or allow them to finish one lesson and go directly to the next. They offer songs and games that are related to the exact lesson.
     We use this site very often. My daughter has really enjoyed the educational games. She works very hard to get three stars on each part of the lesson before she moves on to the next. Like time4learning we consider this site a staple site. We even sometimes use this site on the weekends she can play a few of the educational games before she goes to YouTube to watch people with toys.
     The Crafty Classroom is one of the best resources for craft ideas. If you really like getting your hands dirty then you will enjoy the crafts on this site.  Many of them have helped us to go much deeper in specific lessons or just unwind and craft something. The site also offers worksheets and workbooks.
     Pinterest is one of my favorite social media sites. I have several boards and at least two of them are dedicated to homeschooling. This is a good way to find unique worksheets, crafts or even great books for your child’s age group. You can save blog information from other homeschooling mom’s or educators. You can create a different board for each subject if you want to keep everything organized. I really recommend this sight when looking for science projects and arts and crafts. Be aware that many of the things you will find may take you to one of the sites I have listed above.


     I personally do not recommend using one program solely over another. We use multiple sites as well as other tools and sometimes we just sit, talk, play and laugh. Keep in mind that homeschooling is supposed to be different from regular school. Make sure to watch for your little one’s learning style/s. Are you considering becoming a homeschooling family or do you have a few favorite sites of your own?

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