Crazy House By James Patterson

29. August 2017 Reviews 0


No one gets out alive.

Seventeen-year-old Becca Greenfield was snatched from her home and thrown without reason into a hellish prison known as the Crazy House. To avoid execution, she’s told to shut her mouth and keep her head down.

Becca was never really good at either.

Her only hope for survival is for her sister, Cassie, to find her—that the “good twin” will stop following the rules and start breaking them, before it’s too late. Because the jailers at Crazy House soon discover they made a mistake that could get both sisters killed…


My Review


Although I would not compare it to The Hunger Games as the cover suggests, it was a good quick read. It flowed nice and easy. The gorgeous cover wasn’t too bad either. This story keeps you engaged with curiosity and danger. This one is a hard one to write about without giving away too much. I can say that it is a good read. I have only read one other James Patterson book and I liked it well enough. I went into this book knowing that it would be a quick read with short chapters and that is exactly what I got.

From what I have read there doesn’t seem to be a sequel in mind for this book. I want to give it 5 stars but knowing that the story has come to an end in such a way. I’m not going to lie it is a little annoying.

4 out of 5 stars


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