A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

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At first sight, Ove is almost certainly the grumpiest man you will ever meet, a curmudgeon with staunch principles, strict routines, and a short fuse. People think him bitter, and he thinks himself surrounded by idiots.

Ove’s well-ordered, solitary world gets a shake-up one November morning with the appearance of new neighbors, a chatty young couple, and their two boisterous daughters, who announce their arrival by accidentally flattening Ove’s mailbox with their U-Haul. What follows is a heartwarming tale of unkempt cats, unlikely friendships, and a community’s unexpected reassessment of the one person they thought they had all figured out.

A word-of-mouth bestseller that has caused a sensation across Europe, Fredrick Backman’s  irresistible novel about the angry old man next door is an uplifting exploration of the reliability of first impressions and a gentle reminder that life is sweeter when it is shared with other people.


My Review

“A time comes in every man’s life where he decides what sort of man

he is going to be. Whether he is the kind who lets

other people tread on him or not.”

-Fredrick Backman A Man Called Ove


I’m going to start by saying that I absolutely loved this book and this character. A man called Ove sucked me into his life and showed me what it was like to be deeply, unconditionally in love. This was the first book to cause my eyes to water. You will go back and forth throughout time to learn how Ove became the man he is today.

Ove was an unique and original character. He was not like any other character I have ever been introduced to . He has all the characteristics of both a villain and a lovable protagonist. He reminds me of my late grandfather who said whatever was on his mind and didn’t who was around or where he was. Ove’s descriptions of the other characters are both hilarious and typical for people much older than he. Which brings me to one of the things that bugged me about the character. I feel that he was a little too young to act so old. Although the author does show what leads Ove to be the man that he is, I still found his grumpiness a little much for a 59 year old man.

I highly recommend this book. It was a wonderful story and I give it five out of five stars!


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